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ably of virulent micro-organism$ into the blood stream, but the
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Entered at the Birmingham. Ala., postoffice as second-
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of cataract, which is a most dangerous and unjustifiable operation ;
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the opinion is not new — that the chief causative element
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body. These tubercles had all the naked-eye characters of
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mercurial stomatitis, and idiopathic softening of the
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large, over-grown colts, the appearance of which is the same as
it, cranky, and would fight with his best friend. After
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amount of toxin with which the system is unable to cope,
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department for diseases of the skin, Francis B. Greenough ; district physicians,
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The following quotation suggests the possibility that long-continued
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Especially is this true of female wards, not that female attendants are
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the complications which may arise in the course of an attack
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Prescott, Charles Pyncheon, Isaac Rand, Isaac Rand, jun.
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and sinapisms to the extremities and thorax, he died on August 15, at 10
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rendered as similar as possible, the experiment lasting eleven months.
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factory use. No combination of incandescent bulbs, run on
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lesults. There are several good trusses on the market.
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thev are as constant as the rash, i.e., practically
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ergy^, especially females, are not greatly disposed toward
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In 1841 the Vaccination Act was passed, which rightly made
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so on the left side. At midsternum there is a loud systolic
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fifty-third day, and the fourth on the fifty-sixth day from the begin-
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may be involved, usually the right, and still a rapid death ensue.
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documents. The propositions were the following : —
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were very placid ; the pupils, the same as before the exe-
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Pennsylvania, etc. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son, & Co.,

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