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the eye, certainly not earlier than this. The books I think put it three
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extravasated blood, but is retained in the uterus. Shrinking then occurs,
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^ Cf. ChauflFard and Troisier : " Des rapports de certaines an^mies spl6n-
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employed to dilate the cervix to a size sufficient to permit us
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carotids and 5 in. tape put under them as a sling- previously to applying the Crile
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of all of the cures we know of as not made by medicine we
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the placenta. He had not tried the influence of chloroform, but had
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have trouble with his employer, lacked his usual civility
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causes must be eliminated, which is usually an easy matter.
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observation. While I have been working in England one of
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former examinations, make any search for the alkaline chlorides; I shall,
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a specific gravity of 1032. It contained neither albumin nor indican. The analysis
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brane and the lower end of the humerus. He was placed on
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possibly influenced by diet, but not proved to be. 3. Cutaneous
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but how often are we astonished by our ablest operators,
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of sixteen, with some physician and surgeon duly authorised
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or other means for its removal. I ordered a vaginal douche of boiled
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drome," the most constant and most important is the
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served in other parts of the body. It is probable that these are caused by the
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them against tho con.sequcncos of ignorance and incapacity, as
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Deux observations de filariose cardiaque chez le chien.
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firmer toward their points of attachment. In other words their
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fused and uncertain. Moreover, complicated prescriptions are objectionable
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lished in the May number of the "New York Journal of Collateral
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The pain is severe, lancinating, ami aggravated by deep breathing. It is
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tioned above, it is occasionally seen in the course of aneurysms involving
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up to form the ingredients of bOe, the Uver-sugar, and the so-
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or from a cesspool into the house through the soil-pipe and its connections ;
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trod the ground before me— or, on emerging from such a forest, upon
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mena. The coexistence of carcinoma in some other situation, or its previous

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