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symmetrical in a well-marked degree. The most that a symmetrical

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tion as also important. Such dislocation is practically

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therefor at his office, was within the exception of the

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that it may Hometinies be produced by poisons not yet as

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in binocular, and from the visual point of view, the one-eyed condition

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out were strikingly high, such as that between infantile mortality and earth

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On a phyeicnl examination being made, the lower part of

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Our exchanges "d'd" iiof' yet'^iuMiSiy "cV(?edI\1'^ 8?'':i'?^°-

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neglected to take any measures to arrest it, as he had

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18. Albumin. — Boiling the acidulated nitrate of (17). The Albumin : Globulin

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diseases is not so clearly established, it seems to be of benefit in some cases of

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demand more tender care than those who offer life or limb on the altar of duty.

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'"Trachymedusae-The jelly-fishes of European wate:. such as

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rapidity, and somewhat tumultuously. An attempt was also

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delivery at term, blood accumulated m the uterus may

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rather an argument in favor of their employment. Count-

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ment, had been subject, from the age of twenty, to a slight

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of the latter, against an annual average for the previous five years, of

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influence of high temperature and of violent emotions.

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sharp at the point. Kill the round worm by piercing him. Given

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that although an operation seemed hazardous, it de-

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Apothecaries, obtained under the conditions of the Medical Act of

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lof numbness, or tingling in the arm of the same side, the pain increased

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during the spring and fall months • Thus the inherent

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S., a stout girl, of fifteen years of age, who had been exposed to

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