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tion is less, they claim, after active inflamtuation has

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The occurrence of albuminuria is common and may be noted as early

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administration. Since then it has been demonstrated

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who was sent to me as a case of renal disease. I failed to

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ernment of the Islands before they recognized the desira-

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pra}cordial region is quite resonant to percussion save the small

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those of the quartan bodies. The pseudopodia are slender and very

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advances so extremely slowly that it seems to be arrested, you have here

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tion consisting of P. Maxwell Foshay, of Cleveland, John

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the height diminishes rapidly, and on the coast of Coromandel

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the vital cohesive properties and impaired function of the tissues

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tion of the stomach, revealed the reason why, and how

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such a record is unprecedented. All the candidates hare

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I found in high fever, with rapid jjulse, skin very dry, tongue creamy,

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to the thoughts of all his creatures, so to direct mine,

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Authors of articles intended for publication under the head of " original

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I found the doses' directed by Drs. Piorry and Herrick rather too

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Oise 10. — Deerjotolla, a Mahomedan, aged 40, was admitted

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The liver edge was then felt 5 cm. below the ribs. The specific gravity

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upon the surface, forming a mycoderm, while the second appeared in

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previous had contained a large quantity, was rendered perfectly free from it.

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appetite. " In the majority of cases of simple bronchocele,

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its natural texture and power was mainl}^ instrumental in

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ters on obstetric medicine. It is founded on the hypothe-

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Dominici (Action du regime lacte sur le microbisme du

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1906. Goldberg, Harold G., M.D., Ophthalmic Surgeon to the

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of a layer underlying the mucosum, and which represents

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Purpura was noted in six cases, and a pemphigoid eruption in

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of course, only to the qualitative investigation, but the experiments and

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advantage, from its cleansing properties. Creasote, in the propor-

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