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carries and supports the arteries, veins, and capillaries, which are some-

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the accumulation of these excremeiititious elements in the circulating fluid,

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bringing with it fresh doctors and nurses, should arrive before she

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istration. And the effects last for half an hour or more, when the dose

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Mr. W. Colles on Ligature of the Posterior Auris Artery. 75

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News, N.T.,1899,Jxxv, 4(i:i.— .Sti-os (J.) Fractura foemo-

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regarded as a duty, and that, on the whole, we can have no hope

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or Vieneo) family in Tropea, Calabria, and from them it was

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P!)xperience has shown the inutility of remedies formerly employed as sorbe-

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has been dissolved by gastric juice also ferments, yielding lactic and

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that of the ' ' callidum innatum. ' ' The spiritual life, he says,

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ver wire, the latter left in the scrotum. Hydrocele is

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mality. There liad been no implication of the calf mus-

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was postponed till the next day, when on tT)-ing the small-

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on a careful investigation as to the amount of nitrogen injected and

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Worcester County Homoeopathic Medical Society. — Chas.

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mation takes place after absorption in the body. So-

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They are enlarged, tough, and very elastic, as is shown by their variable aspect

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we may apply coimter-irritants, hot fomentations, or cupping-glasses to the

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tion, which undergoes degeneration, and leads subsequently to

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these miscreants, the abortionists, they would find this

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problem of the idiosyncrasy of the individual, which is a real

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It is deeply to be regretted that there are no sufficient opportunities

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five, thirty-six, and twenty-nine years. There was a definite history

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the official position or endorsement of The Journal of

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1920, Ixxiv, No. 18, p. 1220), and Sisco (Jour. Amer. Med Assoc,

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iron, potash, and acetic acid. In one case, half a grain of mor-

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