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;^6,ooo [ยง30,000 1. I mentioned salaries, which is

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says, are not to benamed of Christian men, and which are shortly

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sions an accumulation of blood within the cavities of the right side of the

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neither necessary nor desirable. The x-ray might give

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be more strictly hmited to express the setting forth of

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York, who has seen quite a large number of patients suffering from this

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sampling of newspaper stories, with versions in both English and

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the States themselves. Congress should give the President the

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animal to another. Possibty hereafter this may lead us to a

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the absence of a plague epidemic or other sensational basis for our anti-

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sideration of the specimen presented; it was shown as being of

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the first steamboat was launched in my native town on the waters

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compact tissue of the bone, pathology has pointed, and by the

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calculated the effects of an hour's bath at various temperatures in terms

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what ineffectual The inhalations of turpentine, recommended by

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in later and the vomitus, as well as the stools, contained bloody

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in another case under my own care. The region of the skin supplied by

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corpuscles. In many and perhaps in most instances the chill is not followed

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gives it a business value in the eyes of the patient.

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these premonitory symptoms of disease ? Of course not.

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weatiber, and in winter, when the temperature is low, make emphysem-

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to say with safety, of the usual labour until five years of age.

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to this hospital, and he urges in its favour that it prevents the pro-

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the observations should have a sound experimental basis. 4

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On the first examination he had, when sitting, 32 pulsations in the minute.

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existence of typhoid fever may l>e suspecte<l, ore eases of so-called tyjihoid

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alitis, or meningitis. When wounds of the blood sinuses are

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first attempt made was to eliminate eggs from the mother's

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excluding animal food and everything sour until the cough en-

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relate how, tending a wounded man during battle, the unfortunate

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Nerve, optic : unilateral atrophy associated with hemiplegia of

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