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looking instrument in vogue then, shaped like an old key. He was

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subject for general discussion at the Wednesday morn-

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the cervix uteri, vaginal walls, sacral plexus of nerves,

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man invites you to evaluate “Meat Base Formula” and

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devoid of instruction. Some time (as well as I can remember)

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and considers alveolar cancer as being the most frequent of all carcino-

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extended, the epidemic continued to spread over a larger extent of country. The firrt

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150 mg.). Third, the symptoms, though less marked, persisted until

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Dr. Baker had seen four cases. He had been struck with

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lence being possibly increased by aggregation as well as by

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xvii, 165-167. — Ricliarilsoii (G. W.) Intestinal fever;

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stage which is jiresent at some period in the life-histoiy of every known

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directly due to syphilis, it is almost invariably the result of

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rotating the head towards the left shoulder causes the eyes to

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smaller, flattened, poorly stained or des- utilitarian tendency of the present time to

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On February 15, 1922, the patient consulted us for a superficial

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eminent for his powers as a public lecturer. Nor was he un-

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namely, the projection of the occiput ; a condition well indicated by

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by the Rev. W. i .xall, Harvey E. Brown, M. D, of Massachu-

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ovarian congestion, the purple redness of face attending

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is useful for this purpose, and at first daily irrigation of the cavity may be

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fixed in the position of pes varus. There was no active mobility whatever; passive

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is not contagious. (7) Its essential cause has not been isolated

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water containing salicylic acid, one per mille, is indi-

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tioner see that treatment suitable to all cases is carried

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There are certain symptoms which one may designate by the

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certainly not well heard; some deny it is heard at all except in

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digital compression with a weight of ten pounds was advised,

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extent of the tubercle bacillus. Indeed, as a general

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Definition. — An acute infectious disease excited by a

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