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lative action of the toxin, as is seen in the case of certain drugs; similar

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demning the two designs exhibited for these buildings, was

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The temperature will be elevated and the pulse accelerated.

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inch wide and are fastened to the rod by a steel spring. The

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safety margin between sufficient chloroform for anesthesia

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percent indicated an interest in activity at their home

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provements minimizing the potential for contact with hypo-

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served, excepting in this last class of cases. From these phenomena

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in the vessels of the still inflamed pleura, and the

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specific ancestral characters it acquired during the Archaeozoic Epoch.

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of the leg; are attached above to the back part of elbow joint and

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7. — This is a preliminary report of the author's careful

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Dose : A solution of six globules, as directed for Aoonitum.

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proves fatal in a large proportion of cases. Before the pathology and

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before the abstraction, containing fewer corpuscles, a deficiency of the

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Institute, with very interesting results. It was found that the

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refers to them in his paper ou Opium and the Mydriatics. — Amer. Journ. Mad. Sci.,

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from osteomalacia. In the first case the osteomalacia was not far

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an embolus, or infarct, or from an unexplained cause, or they may

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Asylum in 1916. The 203 admissions coming to the Institution

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It is proper to warn teachers of the contagious na-

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breast-nursing. Therefore, the mortality of artificially-nursed

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Dr. Duplay as president. The .secretary, Dr. Loewenberg, may

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be accomplished by simply ligating even both carotids,

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Scott and White presents a review of internal medicine for the family practitioner, general prac-

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tunate suffering from mental disease in the county jail for an entire

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students who pass a successful examination upon the

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« Dr. C. W. Schlelttarlh : Ueber die Entzlinduiig dor sorileen Or-

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Committee: A. H. Buck, M. D., 52 East Thirty-first Street;

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thirty-one days, during which time a withdrawal of it would

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