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(’Typical clues— shorter, plumper, full-breasted,

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cation, if the poise indicates fulness, it may become a question whether

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He'll wake unnaturally at noon. He's up and eating soon.

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and that he expressly intimates his doubt of its accuracy, on

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in such cases was uncertain. The discovery of the remarkable power of

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a saline regimen are in better health, in consequence of their

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feeble cannot pursue it with tmpimity. Although in such it may not

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AND Surgeons. — The seventy-first annual Commence-

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power; the chief sufferings of the patient result from

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Of these five, or 4.67 per cent, were found to be infected. It is significant that

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ules at the periphery. There is great pruritus, and from

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been familiar with the excellent results of this method of treatment

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annual rainfall, there are districts where the fall of rain is far

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tain medical journals published in various parts of the

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healthy. After that, they lose their vivacity, their hair stands on end,

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valuable in atonic constipation, diarrhoea, and to reduce

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and lose their elasticity, the heart has to perform an

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* Implement, as quickly and as fully as possible, educa-

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virus may be preserved dry in the scab; or the contents of the vesicle

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it has always seemed to me that the sounder advice would be —

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ported by Dr. C. Ruge, in which that observer found a small cyst on the vaginal

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usual situation: and tliat, if we examine tlie tumour with care,

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duced, it will not be questioned that it must be the aim of therapeusis

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been eaten. The rapidity with which the substances were dissolved

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tion dischargedby the posterior columns." He strongly inclines,

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to accommodation and tests of vision, details to be found

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olar process, and may result in abscesses. The inflam-

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