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twenty years younger than he did at the beginning of the treatmont. It is
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chronic malaria, leukemia, and pseudoleukemia. In children tuberculosis
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can with ease. But what then? If one can do it, another can.
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abdominal typhus in England, gives a caution to his readers
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absorbed. The whole of the starch may be converted into glucose and ab-
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tervals, not because they think the\ r are sick, but for the
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tion was fairly established and there was no inflanin)ation.
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best authors, and that of those that have had a different experience
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Bacteriologic Technique. A Laboratory Guide for the
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the course of his wide experience in fever cases.' He re-
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tion, pulsation in the carotid, very indistinct apex
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Did the^writer not know, by practical experience, the vigor with which in-
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have sometimes, on opening echinococci, discovered small bonj
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associated vnth flatulent dyspepsia, causing distension of the
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about 7, and no stimulants or tea or coffee at any time, he found, as a
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a perfectly erect posture; short, dry, and even spasmodic cough, aud
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with deformed foetus, comxilicated with amniotic dropsy.
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of cases in which the tumour cannot be completely and successfully
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sewers are never attacked with enteric fever ; but even if this were the &ct
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explain the distressingly low percentage of cures after the
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In the Korean War the United States Army experienced a ratio
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measures are important in the patient^s room, and getting into the
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which comes before us whether it be one of sanguineous effusion or one d
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table. It was a scrofulous, rather weak child, and I was told
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danger of retrogression in many counties unless some special effort is
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Mcllwraith, Orr, Lehman, Anderson, McCallum, Bruce, Mac-
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violent, have less range, and are more rhythmical in character. The term
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shadows. Subsequently I employed the tuberculin test, and
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abdominal typhus in England, gives a caution to his readers
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original level, the whole phenomenon occupying about
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A State Colony for the Insane is to be established in
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segment, moreover, independently of the rest, is connected
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recommended in the United States because controlled

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