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and required tracheotomy at the time of giving the in-

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depuration (Jaccoud). It must not, therefore, be considered as a compli-

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red litmus paper blue only when immersed in the urine, the change

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468 MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8

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from the medicine he learned at the bedside. The grad-

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very forcibly the fact that blood effused into the peritoneal

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a larger bougie could pass, and again until a larger, 30 F ,

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usually the case, but coalesce to form larger plaques, the condition has

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early adult life, especially in those who have lived intemperate or over-

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eral loose bodies in the joint toward the end of the

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ture. The physician is precluded from taking any active part in poli-

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with fluid. However, one can not possibly argue that

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should be made as nearly as possible over the course of the

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purpose. It still occupies a prominent place in text-books of clinical

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the cardiac dulness is normaL In other cases, in which the lungs are

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structed replete with every convenience, and according to the latest

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Kenosha Memorial, Kenosha; St. Elizabeth, Appleton; Waukesha Memorial,

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» . ■" ':■- ■■' '■ ■■■ .^ ■- .■" >'>• M

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speaking, midwives are in attendance at about half the total births.

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yses we have evidently an accurate guide for the selec-

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that it was brought under control with comparative ease, despite the

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1. Paroxysmal Whirling Vertigo. This consists of sudden attacks of dizziness, often when

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the patient in many cases gets no warning of a coming evacuation of the

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room to contain 48 pupils. In this case tlie room will not be occupied

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of dressed weight of each breed and the total and average weights of

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often after the foot had been cramped for a very short time. Some of the eases

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business. To sum up, malaise, headache and persistent evening

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ency making it necessary to preserve the child's life,

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at least, one-third of the surface of the cyst, were followed by very

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individual who has taken it to the effects of a condensed

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ous, there are other fish which become toxic only during the spawning

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ent nerve-fibres, and find varied terminations. In one

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them an offensive and persisting diarrhoea. He had almost

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