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side at this time, with her abdominal wall relaxed and

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therefore, which the indi^'itlual can expect is that afforded by an

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has produced no effect upon the sight. In summing up, he says,

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Compound for preserving fruit, etc. No. 228804; .June 15,

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I need not dwell on the objectionable results of jerky, irregular

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muco-purulent expectoration. The whole left side was dull,

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observed, a little beyond the plane of the iris, in the anterior chamber. In

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of the Milbank penitentiary, many respectable physicians testified that

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each instance, amounts to ten guineas, it may be apprehended that in

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diffused with it. But M. Bernard's own experiments prove that carbonic acid

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This case of a man, aged 4:^, was fully reported at a meeting of

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are crystallized in four words— /r<7z«// isolation;

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Hospital, proposes to give a series of papers on this subject. In

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Manufacturers under Dr.QABROD'sinstructionlof any strengthpre-

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Ambroise Pare, the surgeon to Charles IX, began his surgical

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by the maximum score at 50° or 40°. In the scoring made by the

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a rigor, which continued more or less all night. On the following morning had a

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and the hydrogen atoms turning towards the copper, which also

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