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apparent in certain operations, and I have especially ad-

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observe, had been made, anywhere. The iorate the deplorable conditions. There

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the tubercles is a moderate amount of diffuse pneumonia

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ger should be left for boys and girls on the grounds

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paralysis of the face on the same side as the lesion with hemiplegia ;m<l

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16. That, if proper care is used in administering the injec-

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becoming inflated, or an additional number of lobules becoming affected.

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enthusiastically all the details of the experiments, in which

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later, I have injected it directly into the body of the

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If with the same rotation of the mirror we find that

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Associates Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at UAMS

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November 3, 1884, and will continue twenty-two weeks.

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shall pass such Examination as will satisfactorily test his

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Academy contain no less than 5,661 cases cf calculus in the

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There seemed to me in this case a principle involved

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looks very different from the poor fellow who totters into

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249. . Oliservationson Maltafever. Brit.M. J.,Lond.,

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retic measures are indicated, as in the diseases which are generally recognized

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in the lower part, and there is a complaint of abdominal discomfort and

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until the appearance of the milk, it having the doubly

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grenous sac containing a gangrenous hernia of the small

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SwAix. ' On January Cth, at Shaftesbury, the wife of Isaac H. Swain,

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antero-posterior curve with the concavity backwards is an early symptom

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small incision. He removed a bilocular cyst through an opening

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the benefit was due to the blister, which, however, did not pro-

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April 27-May 13, commencing 12 days after resumption

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Crimea the French lost in killed twenty-one thousand,

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On a division, sixteen members voted for the proposal, and eighteen

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