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Dr. J. R. Pritchard, of Manitowoc, spoke on Organization. To be a mem-

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Restriction in the amount of fluids ingested is an important point with

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Vaccines. — The value of these cannot be regarded as established.

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was exhibited to the Society by Mr. Buckle, Culinary

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phagus rather on its posterior than its anterior surface. The inferior thyroid

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ance of the dejections during the course of the disease. When the dejec-

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of his membership as provided in sections one (1) and two (2) of this

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In the present state of our knowledge of this subject all such argu-

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Fig. 114. Steam-bag: for Catarrh, Laryngitis, Bronchitis, &c.

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cause of the operation. The methods adopted were shortening the round

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factor. The disease exists in certain families, and passes from parent to

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Johnson, Wingate M., Winston-Salem; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1908 1908 1911

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not read or write, nor go to receptions or theatres without

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exclusion of light, and the presence of salts favor their preservation.

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to our readers will be considered as doing them, and us a favor, and,

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the hearty support of our able superintendent, Dr. H. K. Pusey, and

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than Edinburgh, and the people of Aberdeen during the late rebel-

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return to school without a written permit from him.

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to well-to-do neighbors, rather than next to a poverty-stricken neigh-

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Comparative examinations were made with a healthy brain and medulla and spinal cord,'

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he spent a year in Great Britain, taking the M.R.C.S. degree.

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been mentioned in these lectures, viz., that the inflammation of

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symptoms, and having a short duration. The disorder so called claims a

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Role of the Scaleni Muscles. — ^The following case gave rise to a

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mentelleii Erf'orscbung des Hypnotisums [etc.]. 8°.

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current in any special portion of the brain-structure, or

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How does Glyco-Thymoline apply here? What are its special ad-

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is not entirely clear. No clinical features in these two pa-

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gall-bladder region. I have advised cholecystectomy, and she is

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membrane of the air-passages ; the blood was remarkably liquid. An aged

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a perforation of this organ can be excluded. Schievelbein states that

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145 — Brown-Morrison Co., 3,000 letterheads 17-90

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of his condition in 1903 is given in the Lcuicct by Dr. Ormerod.^

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