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the central lacteal. These special absorbent organs appeared to be

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coast of primary rocks often presenting bold projecting cliffs. This region,

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from making a single unnecessary move, and it is often

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marrow and nerves, although no lesion of the spine, its contents, or of the

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who holds hbnself out as being able to diagnose, treat,

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cure, and not be satisfied with a mere temporary expedient,

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on an hour or more after eating and relieved more or less

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apart even from his special views, so important in their phy-

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probably recommend it to notice in proportion as intellectual

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mortality is increased as much as they stated, the apprehensions into which

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visitation ; and they quote, in illustration, the case of the bagnio

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The symptoms in this case seemed due to disease of the brain, which

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must offer for the detection of structural changes in the very

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general one, *' acquired by observation of and abstraction from

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lower orifice of the artery, and direct an assistant to pass an

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appears to us, ought to be employed in preference to all others. To reach the

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they were not unfrequently obliged to labour in the water beneath the rays

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misconception attributes a bilious attack to bile or the

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holds it to be a variety of eczema rather than of pityriasis.

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essential to the proper working of the earth system. This effected,

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It was brought to her room, and Miss Le Brun, who was then in bed in

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acts upon the organic remains with vvhich it abounds, for the development

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the form of nerves, so that a muscular fasciculus is not equally

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nostril. Scalp bloody ; veins on the surface of the brain very much

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ped of his clothes, and beneath his shirt was found a vine twig, covered with

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of the remaining two, the lungs were emphysematous in one case; and gorged

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cillin troches for this purpose, since the amount of

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Habit is quite as fimdamental a factor in the develop-

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these ditferent state? of disease, I advise the inhaling treatment to be employed.

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doubtful diagnosis, and the other was only examined once, and

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