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or less enlargement, and this causes a relaxed condition of the

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integument is thicker and is raised up with more difficulty. The

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The treatment to be adopted, and the plan of regimen to be ob-

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the 3 cases with anemia appeared slightly sallow. A few isolated

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which have lost their faradic contractility, and it is often employed by pre-

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7. Werra, von: Ueber die Folgen des voriibergelienden und daiiernden Ver-

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10. Schaller. After-effects of head injury. Jour. Amer. Med.

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past 10 years, Doctor Welch observed that ‘If you’re

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If we then take a survey of the behavior of influenza in families,

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Schleisner, in his "Medical Topography of Iceland," published 1851. It ap-

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Physical Signs. — The upper end of the organ may sometimes be felt

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ternal tumor is too small to be excised. The number of

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sheaths are filled with red blood corpuscles or leucocytes, or graiuilar

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bearingsof the subject M. Broca doubts whether the Academy

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recovered to a considerable extent its position and power of motion, although

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school can study with profit. One of its distinctive features is

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of a case of continued fever, and also to distinguish it from any

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is lifted, viz., by being, as it were, rotated over the spherical surface of the eye-

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of human intercourse, so far outweighs any that has

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These villages owe their celebrity to the mineral waters,

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scent of Canadian Indians — a war between Great Britain and her col-

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to avoid giving the impression, which might possibly

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measure is to have the patient sit on a cane-seated chair, with a blanket

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of two poisons taken vis-d-vis in the organism. Atropine and morphine

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iialf-hour the temperature was 105°. The pupils di-


surface a very regular and spotted eruption — not petechi£e."

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amount among college students probably would be less.

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be in large measure due to the volitional character of the bug's digestive

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bility, which, left to itself, soon3r or later leads to dilata-

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Dr. T. C. Evans : In regard to the voice in the early stages of tuber-

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In order to determine if an explanation of this failure is to

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in that of contagion, do we find any definite characters to rely

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