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IMoore (W. 0.) Phtliisis bulbi and artificial eves. In-
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any success when the principle is ignored and research
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and was by him created a baron. He was the author of a
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following traces, the resemblance to the ideal form
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rious symptoms followed when it was injected under the skin or into the
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old, 19 and 13 ; at 7 months old, 20|and 13^ ; at 8 months old, 20^ and 1^1 ;
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objectionable, as it is not only less agreeable but much less easily digested.
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last having been relieved from asthma after the offending protein
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plague existed, suffering from fever (104* F.), dry tongue, headache,
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per Received daily treatments with ,x-rays, 6 Holzknecht imits each, for
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When to Extubate. — As already noted, the length of time for
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mortality was only 1 in 103. In Denham's report we find 4 cases,
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A peri-capillary lymphoid infiltration is quite common in vessels at or near
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full credit to his warm commendations of chose excellent writers,

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