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cient to drive all the blood and air out, it is then said to be carnified ;

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of chronic disease of the kidneys should be negatived.

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endorsed by his superiors. If public and professional

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the condition, which revealed the same lesion, was made over

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Thomas Bullions, aged nineteen, came into the hospital and died of a

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there was pain in the lower part of the abdomen. The urine contained hyaline

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recent years, the results have been less manifest than the

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tole the basis passes from the elliptical into the circular form, the

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trouble begins as a softening of the articular extremities with

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self-limitation. Single examples of recovery, however remarkable, are en-

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rheumatism is a general malady due to an infection of the organism by

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is impracticable on account of losing small portions of it and the

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hygienic precautions and suited for the radical change, a

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if Caedmon, to be like his original. He says, “ In the

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appear to grow from the cell and to increase in length as the

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vantages, ivhich do or may belong to the subjects of either Kingdom, except

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twenty-nine were in the lower extremities, six in the upper extremiti^

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isions of the act of March 2, 1895, have been issued, therefore, in

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spirochete stage of Tr. avium. Unlike the spirochetes of the

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tual mind would have been useless in the body, unless it had been

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set. 35, admitted under Dr Roddick's care on February 9th,

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tration of modern progress in the two special branches of

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body does not seem to be warmer than in health. Still less reliable are

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The Methods of Closure of Abdominal Incisions. — By M.

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developed, or it might be considereil as incipient inflammation disappear-

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which the spleen was noticeably enlarged definite re-

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*The appearance of these capsules is a registered trademark of Ayerst Laboratories.

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Hexamethylenamin should be given in doses of 5 grains

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caused very great temporary relief, and produced a certain amount of posi-

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gout, rheumatic or syphilitic irritation, potassium iodid

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through the nomenclature of theology and relieve the monoto-

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number of inspections. As the law requires the presence

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Samples and exhaustive literature bearing upon the preparation

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