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The eni(ition continues into the meatus of the ear and into the nose,

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may exist, and yet wine and opium may be given boldly, provided,

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to utilize our knowledge of dietetics to the greatest

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drugs. Chloral and morphine were given me in large quanti-

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age had been frustrated by the pliable walls of the intestines, and still

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clinic is composed of individual physicians, each of

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standing before a stool bearing some receptacle, the patient slowly intro-

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secondary to pneumonia, and is that which arises in

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has confirmed the clinical observation that there is

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presenting over the os uteri, is not generally assumed till the sixth

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to confine her by a strait-waistcoat. She continued in that state

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limited to the right side and of rather severe character. During

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scrupulous care and attention he made a perfect re-

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doctrine and matter did not differ otherwise as to diathetic

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formation of these clots, is a rjuestion which cannot

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another plate upon which are stituated pegs that accurately fit the

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flammation, and when opportunity is afforded for the extension of the

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object had caused the lesion, and that the surrounding soft parts

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in a sterile wide-mouthed glass jar, tightly capped, and was immediately

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and pass from the body in the feces.' Washings from the naaophuynx at thoK

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early phenomena of disease objects of observation and study, that

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we should do well to bear in mind that a cure would not necessarily

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applied to the ilium, followed by fomentations. Sixteen oimres of blood

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de la face. Ann. de <leruiat. et sypb., Par., 1891, 2. s., ii,

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eyes and constitution failed him, when he was beat by

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e.xaminations of the same case were made at different times,

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which showed all the usual train of morbid characteristics.

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the vertical position or exercise, and later by assisting the heart by

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The exact contrary has been asserted by French surgeons ; but I have

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