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and lose their elasticity, the heart has to perform an

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this prize, of the value of $1,000, will be made in

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When the heart has become a spoiled organ, it is still a

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sterilize a rigid walled cavity; rigid by reason of the ribs on the

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opposite the worship of the Devil, hysteria, catalepsy, convul-

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The hyaline dc^neration of muscular fibre is found in certain febrile

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tive tissue, and give rise to the form of disease under considera-

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valuable addition to the literary armamentarium of the medical

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been observed as to the marvellous power of the nutritive

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of the clothes I had worn in Ireland ; and that woman was seized with the fever,

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silvery white. This increased porosity of the hair at the affected

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in the interpretation of abdominal diseases must be com-

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in daytime, and at night gets up two or three times for

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3rd Vice-President D. E. Sevier, M. D. , Ashevllle.

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Another Canadian agency, held by Chandler, Son & Co., is for

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In fracture of the jaw surgery and dentistry have each

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attempt at extortion is more than any professional in-

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occurring invariably in particular regions of the cord.

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vicinage were equally as filthy as those in the neigh-

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it cannot block up the holes from within. The edges may also be

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Cecil, Russell L. . and Vaughan, Henry F. Results of prophy-

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Salicylic Acid and Methyl Salicylate have very little, if any, action

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ciiiUlnMi. wlietln'r of rural coininunities or cities,

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a paste. Another formula for eczema is a mixture of the lead

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you win perhaps make a demand of twenty or thirty francs.

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1. Those whose principal effect is upon the gastric-intestinal canal,

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answer. It seems, however, safe to place at the head of the

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turbance connected with cystinuria. Many proteids apparently contain

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The wants and necessities of medical institutions are very great ; and,

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According to this view, the majority of superstitious

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Stevens, B. M. : "Medical Supervision in Schools." Bailliere, Tin-

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like to have made a longer stay in certain cities I have visited.

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time to time denounced the " dispensary abuse," but on

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