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AVe understand that the Comptrollerof her Majesty's Stationery
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if the present law is to be changed, other than to place compensation, as
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The left knee-jerk was slight, but the right was exaggerated.
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fifty engravings. Philadelphia: Henry C. Lea's Son & Co.,
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originate any or all of them. Or, it may be transiently connected with
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cells. In susceptible animals tetanus toxin is quickly removed from
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ment. Internally, one of the following remedies may be em-
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from observing the condition of the foetal liver, before the lungs
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face of the body, and a sense of cold and chilliness in the com-
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child 6 days old, by the administration of two drops of laudanum. In
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449. — CigrainI (B. J.) The lower tbiidof tbe lai e; its j
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backwai'd ; the tongue drawn slightly forward as in a laryngoscopic examination ;
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and the resulting growth is more opaque. Even upon slants growth
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44. The author considered that, at the highest estimate, the number
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neurologists have made some ver}- notable advances in
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and some cold water injected, which was followed by a copious discbarge.
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you more than is known by most of those who are largely
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Butler ; " Report of the Committee on Ophthalmology," by
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sium given experimentally) and sufficient pain to make
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was not exhausted, and it may perhaps be resumed at some future
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attack. During the period of decline the headache and the nausea become
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^^ Lttie Profe99or of Surgery in the Univer9tty of Edinburgh, Ac.
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sider amputation of the leg ; but the relief hoped for
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tiation from rupture of the intestine or stomach is compara-
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the intercellular spaces, or in stellate cells situated there.^
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tfce furniture of the two principal apartments, and left the main build-
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February 12—1989 Interim Meeting of American Orthopaedic So-
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tumour certainly begins in that which hangs thick and baggy from the
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treated by a method which had worked admirably in upward
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by the instrument were— simplicity and cheapness of construction, absence of
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absent, there is no necessity of ligating the isthmus. Mr. Ash-
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thread ; distended abdomen ; vomiting of black fluid ; intense
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68 plates, 64 text-illustrations, 259 pages of text. Cloth, $3.00 net. In Saunders 1
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Dr. S. B. Labatt, in a letter to Dr. Collins, says : " During ten and a

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