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In othsr cases, like the pri.'sent. the fluid gradually

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State Medical Society and its 50-year club, and the

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8. Cholera — to dog, cat, pig, mouse (Thiersch, Lindsay, Sanderson).

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difficulty, and can be ba-sed on experience alone. In the authors opinion,

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ing facts bearing upon the question: Schroder had done the

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as filamentous or villous tags on the small intestine, and sometimes

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the muscles of the jaws, the spasms of those of the back of the neck, and

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disease, the limits of which in various districts are often sharply

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Quimby had a whole host of predecessors in his work

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the fusion method over that of titration seems to indicate that the

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The results noted would not be of any significance if the

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ring all the while. Pour into a jug and when wanted warm up

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0«i 0 ((<1 0 d<> 0 0 (|% (1% (S| 0 IjS) 8«S 5% (j«i («( 0 (|*s 0 jS) 0 0 (|«i 0 (jS» d«)

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□ Copy deadline for MEDICAL MEETINGS is first of the month preceding the month of publication: e.g., copy for the

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absence of propulsive aid), lliese vessels are thus

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some other complication, such as pericarditis, etc.

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of fruit, 50 grammes of bread, and a glass and a half


deprived my country of the fruition." It was Parkinson's professed

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many victims, at Valparaiso. Three fresh cases of small-pox

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cine should have the requisite knowledge of meteorology to understand

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" By investigating the process of germination in the various

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ject is well known, thinks that in treating these growths it is practically only

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of a case of continued fever, and also to distinguish it from any

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another possible channel of contagion to man, and because

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^^ Fees, Etc." — Dr. Frank Fithian ; discussion opened by Dr. W.

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has escaped the speculum is removed. If the patient is

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Bradycardia, tachycardia, heart block, extrasy stoles, flutter and fibrillation

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of impulses across the auricles. Before such an assumption may be

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similar to this was obtained from the goat that had formerly

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in Surgery ; the Etymology and Signification of the Principal Terms ; and

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sions must undoubtedly have influence upon the fcetus.

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ether remains ether and chloroform remains chloroform

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by loosening the clothes — e.g., hy undoing a button — or by altering

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fied the diagnosis made niacroscopically ■ — osteo-

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