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immediate effect on the heart is terrible and disastrous.

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able to give a rational explanation of its curative effect.

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flexed, the hand also being flexed on the forearm. On

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and introduced it for some four or five inches along the posterior surface of the

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rheumatism, cholera-morbus, apoplexy, phrenitis, cerebro-spinal-meningitis,

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as the original source of the hemorrhage. The disease com-

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<lays. Experience has shown that under present conditions

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the seat of the chair, and had formed a considerable clot on the floor.

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cough, 15; pneumonia, 361; influenza, 142; cancer, 101; aoei-

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conditions, and to obtain essentially different results ;

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heart of the city, but it is so situated that on coming

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MITIGATION. A method or process by which impacts from

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These indications are to be found in the proem to each medicine described

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" a deviation from the perfect purity of type exhibited by par-

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have been conducted to evaluate toxic effects and carcinogenic potential. In 18-month studies in bot

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1885 Aemsteong, Heney Geoe&e, Heathcote, Crowthorne,

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It has consequently been necessary to use death rates as an indicator of

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cious than the ferruginous,, nucleo-albumins, like hjemo-

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also those heard chiefly at the pulmonary valve, accomimnied by

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syringe, to which is adapted a tubular curette. The Profes-

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here say that I adduce tiiese as illustrations of the

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performed the operation speedily, with but trifling loss of blood, and

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A long period, however, clapped before the patient could

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Dr. Cartledge, for instance, will operate upon a patient, doing an

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positions: — (1) The lesion may be cortical. (2) It may be

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ogical connection between erysipelas and puerperal fever, Dr. Simpson further

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10. Popovic M, Sarin PS, Robert-Guroff M, et al: Isolation and transmission of

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Duplicate plates showed that the loop always took up about the

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as to a future life subsequently current amongst that people.

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over two months before consulting me he had been obliged to give up work on

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has , generally been less uncomfortable and more convenient.

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anemone are among the major sources of marine envenoma-

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Fig. 3. — The two types of wells supplying water for domestic purposes at

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