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veins, or, in other words, an erectile growth. Mr. Birkett considers them as

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consist in constriction of the pulmonary artery, unclosed foramen ovale,

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the mere action of thermonietrical and hygrometrical vicissitudes ; and advo-

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1 JmmalLoeomoUon; or. Walking, Swimming, and Flyings wUh a DiasertoHon

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fifth to one-third of his charges to tlie husiiiess manage-


say, that the production and elimination of acetone is due

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I)k. .\. H. Smith referred to cases of gastric ulcer

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barely 100 out of the 400 pages which make up the volume.

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followed immediately by taking the patient out into the streets^

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by which many, under the plea of poverty, excites the physician's sym-

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the symptoms were really negative. But it occurred to him

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exertion, lost weight and strength. An examination of her sputum revealed

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amination to be instances of ammoniacal urine due to the

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which arises in the course of obstructive cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

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Dysphonia clericorum, or clergyman's sore throat, is fre-

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relapses of syphilis, is in danger of destructive disease of the skin and

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and at first came to my study for his injections. Later his

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clear brown or cafe an lait, and can even reach a state of depigmentation

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they apparently became normal and were considered so until the sixth,

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the mesogaster comes to be placed altogether on the pos-

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is horny in part, and from beneath it the foetal nail develops.

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which on the surface spreads slightly into a thin membrane. There

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Cohrii IS. S.) The tlierapeiiti(^ propeities of aniniHl ex-

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out of a window, or in some other way, to free himself from his

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to be made to separate them at their uterine end by peeling

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natural color, and finally the margin was cured in spots,

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The treatment had extended over a period of a year.

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