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case of typhoid fever is to have the patient removed to

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states that he had expected to make the present volume

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the destitute who, in the time of sickness, seek shelter within '

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By vote of the Society, the hour of the meeting was changed

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and to $60 per month if and when the Federal government

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East India service only take from Aberdeen medical men who

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estimation used I am indebted to Dr. Herapath and Dr. E. E. Thomas,

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nia, or of the condition which occasioned the jaundice, the urine

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or three years, after he had learned the details of this

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381.— Bourqiielol (10.) & Ilrrissry (H.) Sur I'exis-

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The long bones of the extremities are affected late in most cases, but may

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lacked individuality; it was doll-like and the lines which gave expres-

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of eighteen and thirty. The same observer noted five cases of the dis-

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The Editor of this Journal would De glad to receive any items of

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Nepier, a person of great piety, whose knees were horny

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states that the full effect is not obtained until six hours, after

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main street in the City of Lawrence for the last ten years, wishes

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gastro-intestinal indigestion with flatulence (on account of

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murmur, but there was great dilation of the heart, and a right-

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evidence at the trial under the oath of said chief physician who may be

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existed a considerable time before death. When pleurisy occurs, it


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ment comes ultimately from the vegetable kingdom, and leads us

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symptoms as may arise during the progress of the disease, and

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to carry the charm always about her, and on no account

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greengages, cherries, etc.) and vegetables (cabbages, cauliflowers, tomatoes,

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particular knuckle of intestine from the abdominal walls may be pretty

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They pitted deeply on pressure, but the skin was somewhat

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