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and injudiciously applied. You will treat, in no iOiberal manner,

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this a wasteful destruction of property, and fail to see how the

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but the very fact that he has forgotten what he learned so

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An old woman of 70^ still very vigorous and extremely fat^ had

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The Radical Cure of Varicocele.— The .July number of tJie

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existence. In some cases the disease appears at a more advanced age, as

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not insane persons who can be better treated at hume.

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In the ox, at least, there is a distinct break in the path of secretion

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fied by first diluting the urine with alcohol. If the urine contain pro-

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except when there are chains (usually containing four in-

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there. During the past winter a much appreciated series

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several properties which must be taken into account. In this connec-

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growths been detected in the substance of the organ, Murchison§

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supervene, and declare unmistakably the formidable nature of the disease. The dura-

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better. It seems to be a little above where an aneurism of the sub-

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years and 8 months afterward. Cancer of the hepatic flexure,

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last, quite transparent or waxy from the straight tubes. Che-

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very long ago that a diligent search was necessary in order to dis-

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not available, and as a result there remain only fifteen in the lot from

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paper of this series. 1 Cohn, Kessel and Mason, 2 working on the

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that had been observed. His health in a short time had improved so much

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[)oints very strongly to the existence of pneumonitis. Increased frequency of

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HIV infection. Some of these people are actually members

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about at his pleasure. I used the plank only in getting him

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case. When an interne in Bellevue Hospital he used to see

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