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suitable remedy, he subsequently limits the principal

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In some of the extreme acute irritations, as violent cholera mor-

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occurred in localities which had not been visited by it for many years,

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source of irritation about the stomach or biliary organs, in

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author recognises the existence of innate acts in connection

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an assumption, as does also the introduction of the relapse by amenorrhea, just as is

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children, with judicious advice as to treatment." — Boston Med. and Surg

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numerous. Sir George Baker describes the epidemic of 1762 as ex-

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the jaw is more common than unilateral. The exact mechanism of disloca-

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phasized in England, where there is much more of it than with us in

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more active and less dangerous than the actual cut-

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Jefferson Medical College reports, 183, 401, 473, 522.

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Dr. Eager attends at 64, PARK STREET, BRISTOL, on Mondays

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only remains to apply it in the best possible manner. For our

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base over the posterior and lateral aspects.' Temp. 102 ° F. ; pulse 124;

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precursor to chemical disinfection. (?) Sanger's sand-

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surface while the patient is in the erect or sitting posture, and again after

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clozapine (clozaril fazaclo odt)

The buildings are fairly well kept. This is due more to

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Also lAlisti. ): Rev. prat. d. trav. de niM.. Par., 1898, \v.

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longed and dangerous illness, by a surgical procedure,

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important purpose, in other manifestations of change that may occur in

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which interfere with expectoration, and bronchial gland en-

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Tre.vtment of Burns. — The local application of a

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• By a special process, using plastic positive casts

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in twenty-four hours became pustular and bloody, high fever, delirium

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and on the forehead. I have also seen them on the ears, and behind

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what central or other diseases these changes are found to

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