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no dictation from any such organization as to whom I

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the top of the axilla to the base of the lung in the mid-axillary line,

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had an ulcer on the penis which comes and goes ; sometimes heals up

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Luciani and Tamburini on dogs, indicate that in this region the centre

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ployment of opium, preferably in the form of the wine.

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though I have frequently been told of men being lost in snow on the

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sary, every 8 hours. We encourage them to pass urine

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quired is a tape measure, a strip of sheet-lead, a pencil,

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is blocked by INDERAL, the chronotropic, inotropic, and vasodilator responses to beta-

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grammes of ether. I do not think the condition resulted from

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tions of the uterus and general system ; requiring in the one

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Third, that in cases of depressed fracture of the skull there is

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symptoms of irritant poisoning from eating ice-cream.

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them, as already stated, exhibited also a slight in-

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upon the same class of cases, and, for the most part,

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vOobshlshe i perelomov khirurgicheskol skeiki plecha v

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Symptoms: First get history and find primary cause.

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been more severe than the first, and only 30 report the disease as modi-

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the tongue when requested. Breathing laborious and rather stertorous.

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tendency to suppuration, and also because the excess of connec-

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both as regards the foreign bodies themselves and the symp-

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quiu'ters. A cast of the breech and screw now forms No. 2,790

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element of the blood may, in some ' place of election.' ^

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Lynn. William D., A.B 70 Elmwood Rd., Verona, N. J.

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Certain complications furnish indications for treatment. Attacks of^^^ry,

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fourth, should alone suffer. That is, upon the supposition that

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