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tains quantities of pigment and urates, and that herpetic vesides not
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ment should be continued until the growth of the gland is
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afflicted fellow creatures, I remain, very sincerely yours,
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health conditions, a longer span ol life, and rebel
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the patient has had three other severe attacks of pain in the right
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volume relating to the non-puerperal diseases of women. But
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The deaths from small-pox in London, last week, were ninety.
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advantage, from its cleansing properties. Creasote, in the propor-
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of violence, of force, of murder, and rapine, other war. Wer call the kings and em-
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niiinlierH of the prcci'diiiL' month, stitched in a cover.— I'ricc i»;.'f,00 per annum in advance, $;),.'>() if not
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Podalirius survived him and assisted in the ruin of the king-
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meat 2 oz., casin 2 oz., cream 2 oz., beef-tea 1 pint,
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parts, in the first of which the various static and dynamic ap-
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modative power. One might naturally enough suppose that dilatation
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nor as it streams from the edges of the insulating plat-
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always gave a very guarded prognosis when these patients came under
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who are attending the University of South Dakota School of
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be variance in the chemistry of the influenza bacillus.
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dency of the profession to appeal to the knife is the great error of
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upon fiber tracts. Cliniciiie, Cliicago, 1895, xvi, 411-414.—
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the elasticity of the yellow fibrous tissue which enters into the
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bone to escape. Had it been permitted to remain, the
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but where its circulation and distribution are changed so that only a
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