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quired by the Brand method. The mortality was thirty-

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The British American Journal. Edited by Archibald Hall, M. D. March,

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and gift shops, cafeterias and coffee shops, parking lots and

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very much suspect you will not have the same amount of

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lectual torpor are noted. While the treatment is exclusively

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2. Experimental investigation has proven that in higher

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Practitioner, permit me to say that modesty would have pre-

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scrotum swell up, and the skin is so tense^ swollen that an impres*

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other teachers of the subject also, and he trusts that in presenting

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sizes are essential. All this apparatus is very well for one

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suituljlc remedies iluring the niiddie periods of the day.

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know, upon second thought, that we can borderland. He unfortunately lives in

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sympathy wifh the profession save as they can make it a means of liveli-

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proportionate to the subjective sensation of pain — from

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wall, H. Nankivell, M. D., of Doncaster, to Etheldreda, y

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The second to join the ranks, four years later, is in active practice

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and gift shops, cafeterias and coffee shops, parking lots and

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that this difficulty should be overcome ; that men physi-

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ary carcinoma of the stomach, mammary gland, rectum, or of one of the

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into any very extended observations. lie thought Dr. Johnston had.

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aged two and one-half years, developed a recorded as polioencephalitis but possibly

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of co-ordination and ability to reason, gives some ex-

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had effect from all directions, and then if the patient

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Even those cases where the aura is in the regions of distribution

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were allowed to walk. In nearly all the plates the cholera

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