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microscopically they differed in the proportions of

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much as we now classify the various tj'pes of cirrhosis of the

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from work one day, a sensation of malaise and extreme prostration, with a

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treatment, although this need seldom be an actual tub

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perchloridi in combination with small doses of thymol.

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out, and an unqualified and triumphant acquittal was the

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I subjoin the following extracts " on the manner of bury-

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the abscess cavity does not close up nor contract; after months or years

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the only method of arresting tubercular processes in the

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numbing raw and mucous surfaces, for which purpose it

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ed merely as terms of art, employed to mark the unknown causes

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to every poor person, and to relieve everyone who is in want,

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with the patient lying upon his right side, is both safe

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Physician to Guy's Hospital, 8, Prince Arthur Road, Hanipstead,

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the time treatment was instituted, the patient was dis-

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laxis is most interesting, and should specially appeal to Irish

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to cause one-seventh of all deaths occurring in this country. In fact,

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by pressure a depression on the surface of the cerebellum immediately

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latter publication he remarks, that in phthisis the

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tongue that are free from papillae possess no sensibility ; also,

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distended vessels. Many forms of medicinal treatment

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"If the exanthemata are considered independent of the hooping-cough, con-

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light, an attempt should be made to discover the position of the

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made an uninterrupted recovery. The other case is reported

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differs in no essential particular from that which I

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skin, as the stitches are liable to ulcerate through the skin in a week or

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