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with which lead traverses the placenta. In the human as in the lower

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The disease frequently appeared at the close of long. wars and bad seasons.

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as those of the spinal cord are unknown. The myelitis is probably pro-

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Fistula in ano is not a very common complication of tuberculosis, and

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the location of drainage is that followed by most surgeons to-day,

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for he remarks that "it is difficult to determine in many cases

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the rule, less commonly there is diarrhoea. Peritonitis is frequent, but

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(g) I'equiring medical ]iractitioners, hospital superintendents

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should be avoided. Two vegetables should be taken at both lunch and

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at the post-mortem are very often mingled with more recent morbid

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quantities of food may be given during the succeeding six or eight hours,

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bladder may be stitched to the margins of the wound in the abdominal wall

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This disease is liable to be confounded with acute intestinal obstruc-

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the f) mptoms are, that the horfe drags his hinder legs,

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and also on the western front. 1T(> is at iinscnt iu comiiiaud of

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An affection which is probably limited to the large intestine, and Is

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(4) pseudo-combined. Readings should be made on the tests at

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well-cleanfed barley : thus thefe horfes eat only in

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a distinguished alumnus of the University of Toronto to express in

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persistent, and the enteritis is often a comparatively unimportant part of a

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glands met with in the neck and elsewhere, with tubercle, although main-

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nine the liver weighed less than 40 oz., in twenty between 40 and 50, in

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which, in cafes of this kind, will be fuch as ad the

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of the animals from which, they proceed -, that is to

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liim to bear tolerably well this method of labouring :

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with Trinity University, retired from the Head of Oto-Laryngology, on having

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may be made every second day. The treatment is not well borne by

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peritoneal cavity is occupied by a single collection of fluid ; and those in

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with concentrated alcoholic methylene-blue, after staining in the ordinary

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been known to occur during the removal of a patient from his home to a

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part, or from an external caufe, fuch as blows, dufl,

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the above, opiates or belladonna may be necessary, or a hypodermic injec-

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thofe that are feed on the Tandy coafls of the man'-

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In most text-books at the present time very scant instructions are

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of ague, often have an enlarged liver, which remains large for many years

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