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ity being compared to the light of the aurora borealls or to the

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tenderness are not usually marked unless extension to the peritoneum

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is the so-called “smoker's face." A recent study^^ noted

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out the entire contents of the axilla, but also with a degree of

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anti-vivisection agitation arose, the meetings for the organisation

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The operation was for a deep laceration of the perinasum ; the method

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known as civilisation; yet, without a knowledge of those more hid-

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One assistant holds the arm of the afifected side above

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It seems to be well ascertained that the denizens of malarious districts

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results which he obtained from his examination of the

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be able to give to the West a great medical school.

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of his Morals, the Industry with which he discharg'd

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no human intellect could apply it, and there has developed in the

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posture, and when he supports his head with his hands. The}' are at once

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a metal sign posted near the railroad advising trains to slow down

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committee, "It shall keep in touch with professional and public

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of the latter body, which the New- York State Medical

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entrails," as she expressed it, accompanied, while voiding thera, with vio-

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tical with that which produces puerperal peritonitis," a point still under

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Gboeoe C Shattuce, M.D. Gbobob Haywaed, M.D. John Wabb, M.D.

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hardly less deeply to be felt by that circle of friends whose physician he

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and nurses are peculiarly liable to bear malformed children. The

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perience had demonstrated, that the pursuit of the philoso-

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All these cases were operated upon for cancer. My first —

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New York, — In compliance with repeated requests, the re-

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* Wilks, Dr. Samuel, "Guy's Hospital Reports," 1869-"70, p. 40.

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and fingers, and on the corresponding parts of the feet and toes. It may

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permeability for water and electrolytes is also impaired

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attempts to move ; attended, in advanced cases, with some rigidity of the

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