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When examined, there was found a complete ophthalmo-

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toes. These are not spliced wires or interrupted circuits, but a

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women was made the subject of my paper read at the meeting of

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tance of about 8 feet, on 26th June 1869, fracturing his left tibia and

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patients, 309, or 59 per cent., gave a history of the disease in the parents

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But still, there is another question involved by the author's

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given over to her doom. Having occasion, subsequently, to visit the

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fect and, at the same time, one of the cheapest foodstuffs

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and rotundum. The bone flap was replaced and a small gutta-

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cheotomy is sometimes necessary to prevent death from suffocation.

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on the 23rd of the same month was declared admitted.

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Division of the Atlantic. Par. 2, S. O. 212, A. G. O., Sep-

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much interest, owing to a supposition that the deleteri-

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most common cause, at least in this country, viz., acute

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were generally carried out, the fly could be exterminated. The

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they can come to the conviction that their clientele can well do

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])er minute. The ])ulse was, however, in part also intermittent,

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excentric h3rpertrophy). A third variety has been described in

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iiscovered cantharides in some chocolate. ('Ann. d'Hyg.' 1835, vol. 1, p.

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Soc. Lond., 1886-7, xxxviii, 145.— Ilaegler (C. S.) Darm-

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forcible muscular contraction. The rough presystolic murmur, more fVequently

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State Welfare Department reviewed the State Medicaid

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The mental and physical condition is one of exhaustion, when

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failures. During the year there occurred | portion of blind ; and an examination of the

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in favor of a low fatality in antitoxin statistics, and that therefore it

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the /Vmerican Surgical Association and of the Association

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National Association of Marriage Counselors. Mrs. Nash, who has

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His series of experiments were undertaken in order to investi-

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any quarter, though the chief endemic centres are in

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on the fourth and fourteenth pages paroccipital gyre is

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even if tlie fever were kf pt down to a low point, the

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one of thirteen specimens many granular casts were found.

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of medical science in our day, that the wliole system of thera-

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occurrence, but, at the same time, milder, in the vaccinated, than in persons

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writer would emphasize the fact that active efforts by

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general attention. From his large experience, Kondoleon di-^'ides

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ten miles to a ball laid helpless in her finery on the hard couch

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proved under its use when there was present the prostration

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