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Johnston, and urine agar were found by Park less satisfactory than
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on half-pay after twenty years' set%-ice was conceded or not
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inches. This cord was extremely hard at the upper end only, and
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It is at least something new in the treatment of asthma.
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Deaths reported 3.121 : under five years of age 1.124 ; principal
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with this treatment : Deprivation in the matter of out-
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'. .'T. ..per.itidl; h..- Ihi-h . .irried "iH vMth li - ..1 . ipt r.i; 1. .n ..f dent..
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with axis placed first horizontal and then vertical, there is no astigmatism,
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new principles, have been introduced into the staining of these ap-
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lump sum settlements to estates of deceased participants up
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fused to disappear until he had been spanked, and that was the
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when driving in cold weather. Made in po'ished copper, con-
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h. A lesion placed so as to injure the anterior (inferior) region
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and is one of tlie first S3rmptoms of acholia, of which we shall pres-
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so thoroughly purified, I am inclined to change the opinion expressed
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sponge like mass, consisting chiefly of Glisson's capsule, without a trace
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been reported by Caton and Thomas,^ in which typhoid
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cells suggest that they may belong to the pars intermedia, and that
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located, as she does still, over the whole length of the
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of misnomer probably occurred more frequently in past years
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Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Kilkenny : Shearman. 12mo. pp. 30.
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was soon opened again and closed ; turning around 1
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males. In such cases some of the ingested trypanosomes
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We learn from it, first, that the births of the year 1862, were
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ment. I am admonished, however, that my communication has
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We are aware of no other experience which could have proven of
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tion of the sympathetic nerve, and after stimulating the central
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cases, if we except that important auxiliary, bathing the head
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hundred and seventeen cases are most carefully reported;
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The last order of the vascular system is the lymphatics. These
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edge respecting them. Enumerated in the order of their relative quantity,
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Members who have specimens or patients to exhibit bearing on these
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which comes pretty close to being just as serious. This consists
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pectoris, severe ovarian neuralgia) may be better and more
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develops early and is marked. The various organs, especially

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