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going out of doors, wlien the weather seems unfavorable, by needless ap-

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President : Dr. X. J. Ilobart. Secretary : Dr. F. A. Purcell.

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surroundings are unhygienic, or in cases in which the child has been delicate

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a certain quantity of adlion prefent in the fyllem at large, and

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pressure, due to collapse of the force of the cardiac systole. Before injecting

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aspirated. It is easily possible that such a breaking through into the

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hem„g,ohnur,a of pernicious n^alarial fever seems to be in prlrtTon „

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sales is very heavy. Many stockmen, when their herds commence

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the fifth year curriculum who in some instances appear to be regularly practising. Several

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1. Fresh meat is sold all through the year. I was informed that

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With regard to the nature of the lesion in this case we must think

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sphincter with constant incontinence), show the escape

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any sort. Eickets certainly predisposes to convulsions ; these may come

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confirmed by three subsequently negative Wassermann reactions.

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The same result followed also when the patient had been

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We hope that nothing in the terms of the offer will exclude

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Hasbrouck. Ours makes the eighth. Thayer in 1898 placed the

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the corrosive sublimate is, to begin with a weak solution of it,

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terior FOSS-E implicating left middle meningeal artery.

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Pritchari) — Fracture of the Superior McvcHUu 126

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there is a slight moisture. It sometimes happens that the walls of

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the evening and at night, and excited by a tickling irritation, or sensation

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CONTACT: Sidney N. Busis, M.D., Clinical Professor Of

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growth of many bacteria and it serves an especially valuable purpose

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the profession of medicine. The Legislature of 1895

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other force sufficient at least to resist the contractility of

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vehicle for their conveyance, it is by a more gradual pro-

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Looss has described a very delicate nematode frequently

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other times produce no visible effect. Four to six grains,

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Its main thrust is to shift the public alcoholic from

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sounding name, suggestive of a connection with a church

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had developed 8400 before and 16,000 afterward; in this patient,

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While tuberculous disease of these organs can be diag-

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scopical in size. The recent researches of Miyajima^- on a piroplasma

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