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terior part ofthe thorax and baths similar to that which
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ting to record his cases has been in a measure cor-
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delivery and the appearance of the vaginal growths, viz. in Schmorl's case,
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cates on this subject will be received from any legally qualified
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neal cavity uninvaded by the operation, drainage being
baclofen intrathecal injection
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test. These inspections are subsequently made at frequent inter
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very effective. It is of great value also in the earlier
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''Resolved, That Drs. Grafton Tyler, W. P. Johnson, and
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duodenal ulcer are submitted to surgical treatment more often
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vision, the most prolific source of blindness. I hope by this pa- <
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1887 Knagffs, R. Lawford, B.C., 27, Park Square, Leeds. Trans. 2.
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situated in the cortex of the parietal lobe, [s m h.]
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nucleoalbumin, resulting from the breaking down of epithelium. This
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the heart, and kidneys were granular in animals killed by the action of heat,
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Signs of frontal lobe dysfunction such as grasp and
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especially in fractures of the cervical region. Neuralgic pains,
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organs. In another obscure case enlargement of the glands
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Toronto Globe : His study is interesting, especially that part of it cover-
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element is much stronger than any due to the disease.
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views of this affection which are at present current, a good deal must be
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are rare. However, it is a potent therapeutic agent, and should
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loved that southern culture which came north after the union of
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work, ■■ A Guide to Operations on the Brain." The '" Trans-
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other. By these means the elec ric fluid can be conducted to any

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