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experts which recently concluded its investigation of plague

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A diagrammatic representation of the development of the

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use in adults — in stenosis of the larynx for any cause, the

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low as secondary to the overworked brain become developed.

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greater than among the sane pauper population. The comparison also shows that the death-

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is stripped of its epithelium (except at the mouths of the acinous glands)

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The Old Hospital and other Papers. By D. B. St. John Roosa,

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beyond doubt that it is often a mere sensation, commencing in the

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Live an idea of the position of the body. There was a severe bruise over the

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of a serum which is prophylactic and possibly a curative of

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diseases of the spinal cord, we have those of peripheral

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accurate is to get word from the individual members.

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surgeon wishes. 0, the rod which opens and closes the lizard's beak, '^hen drawn

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to send for a physician at once. In the meantime, put hot

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capable of inducing tetany may determine the attack.

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In carcinomatous tumors the disease usually lasts only a few

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carcinoma because of the constancy of blood in the feces. When

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tion, there was no lisemorrhage for nine days; but no

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with the arms, heavy weights must not be used. The dress, likewise,,

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manifestly not so. We must have no cast-iron rules about

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attention and proves unfavorable to the most penetrating observa-

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some compilers have stated that he did so. Desault, whose autho-

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and vascular loops, which are always situated above the obstruc-

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the middle line between the umbilicus and the ensiform

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which cuts short, so to speak, complete digestion and ab-

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points out how congestion of the liver and the lungs

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