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accompanied by suppurative iritis or irido-choroiditis. Again,

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then completed by successive turns of the bandage rubbing

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cause shrinkage and hardening. The working temperature ought not

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therapy at research, university, and regional medical centers. Five of the

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falling into a well. The accident occurred three days before

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in a great decrease in the amount of urea with a corresponding in-

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Ohio Lunatic Asylum. — The first annual report of this institution is

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the meat in the gastric juice was all dissolved — that in the acid mix-

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could be arrived at without the due appreciation of data, en-

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sight in the other — the injured eye — now began steadily to improve.

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been lost at times, also hearing. She had ^^ gastric fever "

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formed when the pathological condition of the hernia renders it no

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point would not be lowered as much as one would be led to expect

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feel so odd. I have never felt anything like it before. What shall I do?"

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physiological actions and the therapeutical indications for

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(6) Sterilization of syringe: Cylinder, piston (with-

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soft state or state of disease, and none at all respecting the process by which they resume

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cases recorded were not cases of septicaemia in the sense in which obstetricians

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as exploration of the bladder. He had a body- servant,

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Summary of Service and Developmental Accomplishments .... BB- 1

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One effect of abstraction of blood is to lower intracranial pres.sure, as

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Vinall, another siirgeon of the plaintiff's, however,

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sur nn cas de fistule nretro-vesico-vagiuale, operee et

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the magnet has found the steel. Ophth. Rec, Chicago,

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The statistics at hand are based largely on the experi-

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both in the original Arabic and in the Latin translation

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the fact of their death. 2. In a very lar^^e number

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cases of pneumonitis in human beings, particularly children, are pos-

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