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devoted to the question of hospital economy, a subject which
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dark, sallow type, in which it is more likely to occur in diffuse
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most of those who failed had made no such special study.
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Diabetes mellitus which has been latent may become manifest during thiazide administration
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these studies it will then not be difficult to pass over
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pain had been intense and had radiated into the umbilical and
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That the evolution of the fibroid from the fibromatous
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tests as form part of the routine of clinical examination. Others, again,
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cations suggested by these data, would be essentially differ-
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for elderly and debilitated patients to the smallest
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ful nursing as well as prescribing medicine. He attended the rich
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David Maclocghlin, M.D., Slember of the L^ou of Honour.
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sions an accumulation of blood within the cavities of the right side of the
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[^Read before the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society. 1
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he went through the remainder of the season symptom-free.
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ing a thing of the past. Urine and other secretions
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had arisen, and she was grateful for the benefit received.
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304. Mushrooms (Ragout of) — Ingredients — Mushrooms,
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cutaneous injection, it produces nausea, vomiting, and a profuse
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close of her minstrual life. Tlie woman was in very
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ever I shall leave to be dealt with according to the
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compositor's, cigarette-maker's, card-player's, letter-sorter's, knitter's, and
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will impress these lessons on the nurses early in their
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face with scant secretion. In six weeks appeared roseola, affection
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however, hardened and stained epithelioma of the cervix by this
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after-effects evidenced, thus showing a new and destinctive synergetic
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to establish that diagnosis. Under the newer pathology
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raw or ill-cooked beef (200 gm.), blood sausage, etc., will likewise give
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fession; benefactors of our kind or parasites on the body politic. Not

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