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•waste land, or near the road. It grows to the height of six or

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The patient made a smooth and rapid recovery, [l.j.]

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is rarely so severe as in the aggravated forms of jiapular eczema.

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removed; cord compressed by granulation material and a seques-

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and not upon the presence of starch or any analogous substance. It is

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not limit its recognition of " practice" to the crowded

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but was followed by an immediate fall in blood pressure. During the

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the same period, the warm or hot bath would be found still more

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broth culture of B. pestis caviae diluted 1 : 100. It was found that in

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part of crest of the ilium, from the oblique and transverse processes

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The infra-red frequencies exist in greatest numbers when

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asked by the doyen how he, who knew not the nature of a fever,

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formity with the purposed army of 63,000 men. Instructions

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of normal occurring on 2 or more (not necessarily sequential) occasions have been reported in 1.3% of patients treated with

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when used in the mouth, and absolutely so in the rectum. ED.]

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Education and Director of the Department of Physical

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The first indication in this kind of dropsy is mitigation of the irrita-

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richly they deserve every care and attention we can offer to them,

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ney is accompanied bj a chill, that the patient complains of severe

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important one. Everyone knows there is a prejudice in

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indigestion in various forms, insufficient food, and menstrual disturbances

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railroad fireman, and seven weeks ago he got a cinder in his eye. The

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