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The third tremendous epidemic dissemination of influenza, a true

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Secretary-Treasurer Long : Mr. President and Gentlemen of the

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jecting a little from the wound in the cornea. I replaced it

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low; a vaccine against serogroup B, the major cause of me-

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working with the effects of tincture and fluid extract of digitalis on gold fish, found

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Operation: Extirpation of three portions of wedge-shaped pieces of tissue,

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the date. Tlie patient was the wife of a non-commis-

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removed from the field of action and another, with only

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the drawing up of registers of nurses sufficiently trained and

is taking zofran while pregnant safe

12. Bersack, S. R., and Whitaker, T. E., Jr.: Effect of

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auf die Ausniitzung der Nahrstoflfe im Futter und aut

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Calaliar bean destroys life, notwithstanding the administration of chloral

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Relapses are, however, of rather frequent occurrence in

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maladies that are met in practice, refer more or less di-

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which they think they must have taken the day before in

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The emptying of sputum cups into drains or water-closets should

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his fidelity to tlie text of nature, that the knights, and cerfs, and

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of them. All were cases of retroflexion with adhesions, some

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order from those previously obtained. The results have already

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is very likely to be increased by anything which augments the quantity of

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297. Trypanosoma gambiense Preparation from the Cerebro-spmal

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cular Herophili, or common meeting-place of the sinuses at

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by anatomical ones. This tendency once started, has

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margins exactly as figured in the plates, and lastly, I inserted the

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equal up to double the quantity of distilled water is added and is carefully mixed

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injection of morphine. This controlled the fits, and he lay quiet during the

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occurs in the majority. Thus of 109 cases with full data collected by

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febris sudoralis. The chronic course has been called

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lar surfaces with sepsis. Each of these classes may

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firming nerve stimulatability following tumor removal in

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Headquarters Department of the Missouri, and Examiner

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present if the uterus w-as. In fully one hundred and

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teriologic, Berliner klin. Wochenschr., 7. v. Leyden, Verein fiir innere Medicin

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L'Homme,Par., 1886, iii, 486-495.— Coiikliu (W.J.) The

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words, it is an erethism of this plexus and of its related cervical ganglia,

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