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vanced for gastrectomy. A true comparison could only be

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Her symptoms were, vomiting of green and yellow bUe, flatulent dis-

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out adhesive inflammation, general peritonitis, or the interstitial or cystic form, it

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instructed physician would have his X-ray apparatus and his laboratory,

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day. The case inculcates another caution — viz., the necessity of avoid-

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rupt air which infccteth the bodie, that there follcv/ some grievous tempest, not onlie

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by the association of tremulous movements (developed only when the

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it behooves us to guard against mistaking roseola for measles.

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great splanchnic veins, of which the capa- ^^^^ (jjg ^f fg^r. But are we so poor in

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lobular form of pneumococcal pneumonia, the prognosis is

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that they either roasted or boiled it. This seems to confirm the

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move "That it is desirable to obtain the following additional

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longer and the severity less, until they entirely fad to

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of fibres passing from this area directly downwards; whereas,

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anything more interesting than Ids sketches of Sir "Walter

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is a spastic gait, with exaggerated reflexes, and these with the ataxia produce

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threw Itichurd and held him at his mercy, preventing the mad attack

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extravasated blood, but is retained in the uterus. Shrinking then occurs,

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with so-called urobilin icterus. The term should, therefore, imply

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and, like most others, I have abandoned it. Why ? Because

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two or three years. For the last six months the right eye has been

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11th, two venereal warts at anus were clipped off; there was

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After treatment. — Put the patient in bed, apply cold compresses for

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to reach the ovaries after opening the vagina, but had to increase the danger by

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the body from five to ten hours, as the circumstances of indi-

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tion with the syringe through the tubes. If I did such a thing as that, I should

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routine screening is not indicated. Table V outlines the

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tions, renders Gray the easiest book from which to teach, to learn, or to qualify for collegiate

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give me a more thorough examination than I ever had

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years afterward visited London and seen some of the

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the nutrition of the brain by reason of calcareous degeneration of the

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of a general miliary tuberculosis, which seemed to have

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