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much lowered. .A large fluctuating abscess occupies the

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Draught horses are sufficiently tested by driving them in a

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Adair, Chariton, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Marion, Monroe,

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idence that their origin is still little understood. I am

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of supreme neglect of the sick for several centuries, though in the

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The post TTiortem examinations reveal the heart apparently

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different infections. It is doubtful if there is a true general immu-

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Since the introduction of the Roentgen ray the difficulties in

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escape along the midtlle of the roadway, and thus ming-

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former sites. Shipments from the base logistical com-

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that it might be worth while to give up other points

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combination of idleness and other vice with cleverness, especially in art,

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Dr. Williams — As I understand it, the Arts men are to have the option of passing at the

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importance of the knowledge that all morbid manifesta-

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tune and the column as appropriate for this discussion. At all events,

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For the high febrile action of the first day or two, it has been

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pulmonary second sound is widely conducted by this means

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rytluemia bear this name, but it also is given to a great variety oi

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In striking contrast to pneumonia typhoid is usually characterized by leuko-

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that it would not be fair to deduce too much from it ; but the

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not be claimed on the other hand, that the new-school practition-

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