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small size was attributable to a diminished blood supply conse-

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Board of Charities for 1897. Nor is that all, for in the same

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7. If the entire circumference of the intestine has been in-

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centralis retina. The changes in the vessels consist of changes in

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in a metastatic manner. If leukemia is due to a cancer-

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fective by congestion and inflammation of the liver ; by

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alderman, to whose door I never knew him welcome ; but he is an

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to the blood. Either of these theories will satisfactorily ex-

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cious application to bed sores. R. — Armenian bole, prepared litharge, of each,

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terfered with a proper blood supply, and thus favored

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dent that investigators must seek for a primary factor for what later

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pinkish cicatrix is formed. Contraction of the scar,

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consideration will show that the general rule of applying a blister for

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prevent the infernal racket which we so often hear.

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juice. In order to obtain comparable results, the same amount of al-

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period of depression lasts usually from a week to one month, and may

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another plate upon which are stituated pegs that accurately fit the

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which the animal had not been killed, so that the existence

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to develope (he mys(eries that were liid in the works of nature. If

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course of treatment we inject 3 to 4 minium of chloroform at each

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medical societies, &c. in the Union, and such influential medi-

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procreation of the micro-organisms. The best way of applying it is to

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trance of the living causes of fermentation into them. The

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especially alluded to in the paper or the discussion,

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W. R. Ballou, New York County. Carlos F. MacDonald, Cayuga County.

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and (3) develop criteria and a method fcr future periodic departmental

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any of the zymotic diseases, such as scarlet fever,

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with the internal administration of sodium salicylate and

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Hydropathic treatment is also of value in chronic cases where a tonic

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Engineer Division, Arkansas Department of Health. Ques-

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teeth up quite a distance. Although this was done as gently as was

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Hardy, and others for the separate homoeopathic treatment of the in-

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vol. 37, p. 657) ; and in another by Mr. Eccleston ('Med. Gaz.' vol. 47 p

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i.inir-0 hi-, ill .iiir experience, been e..niparali\ eh mild and -hurt. a> eraijiii^'

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bring forward evidence of the deleterious action of alcohol on the

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