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not only of the whole of the geniculate fasciculus, but also of the first

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He is unable to articulate, and the only intellectual power that is left

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angle of the stump. A superficial ulcer situated over the shin

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These gelatinous masses increase toward the muscularis mucose, where the glands become

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rulion in central ami wpper poitioii of Innj? natural: in lower por-

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to allow the preliminary stages of repair to pass over into a

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still closer with a cane moved in the snow by the shoulder

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fulness, the students were at their benches, lathes and

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28 to 35) were found to be indicative of a moderate degree of acidosis.

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preoccupied, the present name of the parasite is Babesia bigemina}

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change into womanhood, as it is for the woman not to pass the second

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of Dr. Shore's unfailing courtesy and his want to organize with a Board of Council-

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importance to investigate this subject in order to ascertain

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necessary for him to do, took leave of his friends, and expired. A

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self-limitation. Single examples of recovery, however remarkable, are en-

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another foreign inheritance, that should not be al-

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The ring enlarges still further, another brown spot forms in the middle,

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ritation in its associated visceral area. It merely indicates

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84-92. . Exainen critiq^<^du forceps Tarnier; reponse

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in the active practice of medicine, although he has

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the loss is prevented. This is often to be accomplished by increasing

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Note — June 12, 1900, the William F. Jenks Memorial Prize Fund

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esthesia and hyperalgesia to pressure of the surrounding skin,

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ficially, while in the more southern parts of the country this

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the City Union in compensation for the loss of his post as a

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among recent Irish immigrants. It is highly probable that other causes

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coprolalia, echolalia, echokinesis, and fixed ideas in the order named.

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When there is inflammation of the muscles (pleurodynia)

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onset of the disease, based on State, municipal, and

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tions with federal and state government entities hav-

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December 14. My little patient called on me to-day. Seems quite well;

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less, and often she could not lie down on account of the

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on half-pay after twenty years' set%-ice was conceded or not

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« Zur mechanischen Behandlung des Erysipels, Centralblatt f. Chi-

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street, reported some weeks ago by the ph_ysiciau in

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Necropsy Two Hours after Death. — Abdominal wound united.

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