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temperature of 98°, and they even retain their rapid motions when the sper-

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the presence of an abundant eniption, which did not dlsapjiear under

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requested, and it is sincerely hoped, that all those who

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limited tinie, obtain the stimulant without the sedative effect of the me-

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Smith, F. C, Charlotte; Jeff., 1921; U.N.C 1921 1925

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1851.3 Carriere, Climate of Italy in its Hygienic Relations, etc. 165

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recurred. Cases of this class are usually not cured, but

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With my assistant. Dr. Sbisa, I undertook some experiments on the

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branes of the chest or abdomen, when the quick mbbing of the

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Philadelphia, for example, with her 1,200 pauper in-

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tion of the country lying between Cape Coinorin and Mangalore and

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condition is so good that the patient seems convalescent or even

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mesenteric artery may he attended with sudden agonizing pain, frequent

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Mrs. C, American, aged 38, married 18 months. In Feb-

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pressure, and develops with independent energy and rapidity. The pains

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these holes are fitted two finely-pointed glass tubes, one of

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Dr. Williams — Under this head I wish to make an inquiry, and at the same time call

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the number of tliree or four hundred, the students proceeded in

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case, and found a rudimentary cerebellum. Dr. Brill

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sensitive nerves causes " antagonistic palsy of the

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But they go on to speak of a patient who had an abscess in the cerebellum

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beginning below and behind the mastoid process, and ending at the

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higher standpoint, it seems to me there can be no objection to have the matriculation carried

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due to a moderate pleural effusion. The abdomen was

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If pregnancy should occur again to either of these women, there is

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frf.m the facts. We ^nay infer tiie e.\- ol^'»tf*^''l "}' Us early publication,

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fact, he had observed a purpuric tendency in several maladies,

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principal part affected. Of twenty- four ex- 1 that the British and French armies on the

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ered, with no treatment except the use of an oil-silK jacket over the

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some days there were signs of obstruction. She had severe vomiting, and

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sidered by Dr. Radcliffe to sustain an electrical theory.

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went home on the fifth postpartum day. With the exception of

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315. Immunity in Relation to Preventive Medicine. — Historical and current views

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the nerve fibres stain well, and, in fact, the spindle is perfectly

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and four inonth.s respectively, Hecker 10 cases, one under three months;

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