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A good opportunity for an Eclectic physician may be found at Port
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'J'he ol)vious indication was to deliver the woman as speedily as possible, as
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albumin uria, polyuria, hsematuria, etc., the origin of casts, the significance
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85 centimeters ; from head to heels of 50 centimeters.
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Etiology. — Acute gastric catarrh may give rise in time
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mittent cough which is (" stossond ") not broken by deep
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UO. Temperature and pulse must together rise above the
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number of cases its exhibition has been followed, in the course
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to understand that such complications might exist, bearing in
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eleven months old the circumference of the head of this child, thouiih a female
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sociation in May and June 1988. The survey achieved
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may slowly descend into the lumbar enlargement ; the extension may be
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narcotics given postoperatively might also benefit pa-
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interfering with the functions of those organs, that
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headache, vertigo, nausea, dimness of vision, epigastric pain, and perhaps a
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wheels, and stored in a reservoir placed on a mound six feet
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than, and different in character to, that of the ovary.
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bral syphilis and has been observed in lesions of the cord. Hysterical
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visible instantaneously. Fluorescence is the most common
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it is very heavy and indigestible. Of the persons whom Dr.
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A story has been current, lately, in the lay press, telling of a
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the duration of her pregnancy. Perforation should be considered
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with building paper between, or a good single flooring covered
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The cost of the tank will be nothing compared with the value of the liquid
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ations that have led to their decision to minimize these
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that referred to the forehead; tongue less furred; had vomitir;g
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3. Mixed type, a combination of 1 and 2, i. e., diffuse nephritis.
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affected. He rapidly improved, but the leg remained
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died of that disease, and during the last few days of life
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neuralgia, pulmonary diseases, indigestion, constipation,
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and the man's health was likely to be re-established, when he died,
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84-92. . Exainen critiq^<^du forceps Tarnier; reponse

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