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2. Is the production of the metal, in criminal cases, the

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times a day is appropriate. The various remedies for rheumatism are

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of it home, and states that he can obtain an almost unlimited sup-

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per cent to 3.6 per cent, and the disease when it did appear

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motives of each. I have abstained, hitherto, from any personal allu-

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and the latter is more often the cause than is generally

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great emotion and excitement, hereditary neuroses, and

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particles. Eructations and pyrosis are observed at times; occasionally

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both with and without drainage. The lavage of the peri-

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without treatment remain well, or recover from illness after

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pneumonia, 2 (males) ; apoplexy, 1 (male) ; hemiplegia, I

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Physical examination : Height, 5 ft. 6 in. ; weight, 140 lbs, ; age, 24. Nothing

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vessels beyond, and more or less pallor and coldness. In some cases

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career, spent quite a long time in Athens, and then traveled

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Abnormally large quantities of gastric juice are found practically

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Pathology. — The pathology of this disease has been the subject of

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f( */,s /f i /'/'//^ ^//^ £Zz2) jJQ-<rvz4sO f ''Of- Stiff

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forced open still, when the eyes themselves were found to

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animal. Now the pulmonary pleura, when that membrane is

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Whitner, of Denver, corresponding secretary ; Dr. Minnie C

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Swan's, and in parts to Pechey's and Wallis's : and the

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puerperal women, both suffering from uterine disease ; once in a man,

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lKem.irrh,,j,H. ,,f liu- cerebral c.rtex. 'I'u itchint:s or tits are indications

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to these questions. In short, it prored to be feasible

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the subjacent tissues, and (2) there is a tear of the

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Ft. Canby, Wash. Ter., and ordered for duty as Post Sur-

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-t 4 uuhe- o, the femoral artery and u.,n. Oppo-ed to ,l,i.. -eeondarv

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half of the body does not depend immediately on destruction of the

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follows: Immediately after the operative procedure and

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surprising effects of cocaine hydrochlorate as a local an-

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the hemorrhage from the latter may be so profuse as to prevent

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FIG. 88. Taenia solium. a, Ovum: b, free embryo; c, invagination, at the bottom of which the

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series, in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia).

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ing. Besides these agents, narcotic fumigation may be practiced.

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Dr. Miller considers iodine to be one of the best, if not the very best, remedy

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postoperative report. This child did well for three weeks and

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was no marked decrease in the original niunber of unagglutinable

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found in it being indigenous to the hydrant water of that

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examination, but the sections do not show any appearances which might

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is constantly subjected to the same laws of cooling as all other heated solids,

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was due to the hydrocarbons or the nitrogenized sub-

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