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condition ; then it hardens down into something re-
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made by Dr. Berg, as showing the existence of pres-
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small pocket thermometer, and a strong passion for his
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large numbers of tubercle bacilli, which were proved by feeding tests
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should be made twice daily. In the dressing no water should
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in the size of the tumor and usually in the constitutional symptoms as well,
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authors to be within the first four days. Begin the treatment
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tive building has been raised two stories. The first story in the new part is for
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opened the bowel above the distension and anastomosed the descending
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directly to Portsmouth Grove, R. I. This location pos-
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the acoustic nerve to the cortex of the left first temporal convolution (sensory
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would therefore be properly designated as such ecads. If described
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Of all those who suffer rheumatic endocarditis and recover
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iron. Proc. M. Soc. Lond.', 1879-81, v, 210.— Weil. Bei-
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structure are well worthy of our notice, and it is to these that we
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instrument, I have latterly dispensed with it entirely
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soi^t for, will be likely to be overlooked. As already stated, the devel-
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oval in form and then become globular, and which disj^ose themselves
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father of the bride, Charles H. Fowler, Esq., Colonial Surgeon, to
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infections with very excessive catabolism, but it could scarcely account
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such lights of science as Bouley, Brechet, Tardieu, Ma-
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and as a part of his study consulted the records of
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of no particular advantage. Schwartz feels that too much was not to
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means that the dangers which may attend the common use of the chalice
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plague. The organism, however, will only grow on coagulated egg yolk, thus dif-
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mations characteristic of the disorder. The eyeball pre-
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that it is a stimulant. This is an erroneous idea, as although alcohol
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but they are variable and bear no definite relation to the precedent symp-

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